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RIP Prismiq: 2001 - 2006

Ryan Block, @ryan

We'll admit, we didn't have a whole lot of coverage of Prismiq -- namely because by the time we hit the scene in 2004, they had more or less already launched the majority of the products they had in the pipeline. Unfortunately, those products would be among their last, as we've just received word they're closing up shop for good. Far be it from us to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude at a dying company's calamity (unless that company were to be Xero Mobile, perhaps, or Gizmondo), but for those interested in a sweet deal on a Prismiq device, seize the moment while they're online for cheap as they liquidate final stock. Just another stark reminder of what a long way it is to the top of the consumer electronics food chain, and what a short trip it is to packing up and going home, even when you won Best of CES 2003 and were one of Time's Gadgets of the Week.

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