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Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player hands-on, cracked open, pored over


While it may be delayed (only in Europe, Blu-ray fans don't jump off the ledge just yet!), a few guys at Greek home theater site got a demo of Samsung's BD-P1000 Blu-ray player and said it looked beautiful. Actually we're not totally sure what they said because we can't read any of it but the pictures look great. A few guys from the site came over and posted a few details on AVS Forum. During their demo they weren't able to switch into 1080p mode to get a look at that, but in 1080i connected to a high-end projector everything looked great. They didn't note any playback glitches and said the discs did not seem to take a long time to load.

That's all well and good but HDTVPolska did them one better and cracked the unit open for a look at its insides. That's what we like, pre-early HDTV adopters who take risks.

No Pentium IVs to be found exposed here, however from the configuration it appears that the player will take the 1080p24 encoded Blu-ray movies, convert them to 1080i60, then convert them to 1080p60 for output over HDMI. We'll have to wait for the players to come out for confirmation and if it has any effect on PQ, but we'll definitely let you know. Other posters on the forum have indicated the Sony and Pioneer Blu-ray players arriving this fall will convert 1080p60 directly. They also noted that the player loaded movies in about 15 seconds, a welcome improvement from the HD-A1.

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