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Sony pushes back some Blu-ray titles, cancels others [update 1]

Matt Burns

Time for our next edition of What Blu-ray product is going to be delayed today. I'm your host, Matt Burns, and welcome to our show. Today the product isn't hardware but rather the movies themselves. The Last Waltz and Knight's Tale are going to be pushed back a whole month from June 20th to July 25th. These were originally launch titles but who knows what happened; they are not any more. Surprisingly our show rarely features Blu-ray products that are canceled as they seem just to be "pending" forever. Sony has completely removed these titles from their listing though: Legends of the Fall, Kung Fu Hustle, Black Hawk Down, Sense and Sensibility, The Big Hit and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. We have know idea why they were removed rather then just delayed.

Join us again we talk about how Blu-rays big advantage of titles is quickly diminishing.

[UPDATE 1: Reader Grubert found a Sony press release confirming the two delayed titles (only till June 27th though) but still lists the canceled titles as coming on July 25th - we are doing some more digging and will let you know.]

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