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Toshiba's TDP-T95U reviewed


Ever notice that the AV guys are all a bit like drummers in a popular band? You know, the reclusive bastard children of IT who are shunned in the halls during the week yet still get the pub invite come friday afternoon. Well we've got a little somethin' sure to get 'em in a tizzy; the Toshiba TDP-T95U projector just pulled an Editor's Choice over at PCMAG. The projector is the brightest tested in the $1,299 price range and demonstrated easy setup, an excellent contrast ratio, vivid color for a DLP, and even did "reasonably well" in the video tests. Some "mild to moderate" pixel jitter was seen in images designed to exploit that weakness but surely an espresso doppio will restore harmony to the viewer, eh? Dubbed a conference room projector at 2,200 lumens, this pup remains reasonably portable at 6.4-pounds. That, coupled with a 1024 x 768 resolution, pair of VGA computer inputs and Component, Composite, and S-Video for video means it can even pull-off a respectable weekend light show at you next underground gathering or World Cup par-tay. See AV guy, there's hope to join the fold yet.

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