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Fuego 01 mod grill -- too sexy for your dad?


Get ready to bust out the really fancy, mod-inspired paper plates, because Fuego just made the backyard grill into a whole new brand of hip. Their new Fuego 01 grill can switch from coal to infrared to gas by swapping out a side drawer, and comes with all sorts of gadgetry to make the barbecue-er within us get all weak in the knees. There are electronic controls to manage the temperature and time your cooking, along with a retractable lid to hide away the cast iron grills when you're done. There's also all manner of storage compartments, including underneath the teak wood counters, but most of all this thing is just plain sexy, and should probably be right up there on your father's day idea list, next 1080p and that piano tie he has his eye on.

[Via Josh Spear]

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