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Intel Xeon gets hard with Core June 26th?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Looks like Intel's going to have an announcement in San Francisco to make come June 26th, according to TG Daily; their assumption, is that Intel's going to take the wraps off their Xeon 5100, the server-class CPU based on the Woodcrest core (and supposedly the chip that'll be dropped into future Xserves, among other boxen). It seems unfortunate that these higher class chips might sooner make it to the end-user finish line before Intel's hotly anticipated Conroe-based Core 2 Duo siblings (which is what the Mac Pros and just about every other desktop should expect to receive when it officially hits this summer or fall), but in the mean time if these new Xeons are announced before the consumer line, rumor has it we can expect them to range in speeds of 1.5GHz to 3GHz with prices between $210 and $850.

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