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Joystiq's DS buyer's guide: readers respond [update 1]

Ross Miller

On Monday, we recommended a few titles for those who just picked up a new DS Lite (or for anyone who has a DS phat, it does not matter). Our readers responded, suggested, and critiqued, and here is what you wanted we missed on our previous mini-guide:

  • Trauma Center: Under the Knife (average score: 81%) That we left this off must have been the gravest error, given the overwhelming feedback. You play as a surgeon as you hone your skills on different patients. Reader Kai Cherry said the game "will make you sweat, curse and scream 'don't die! Nooooo' as much as any shooter would."
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! (average score: 88%) Its US counterpart, Elite Beat Agents (not a remake of the original), will be arriving soon, but you can import now if you are impatient (all DS portables are region-free, so they can play Japanese games). Ianc02 called the game "simple and brilliant and not as easy as you think."
  • Advance Wars Dual Strike (average score: 90%) We mentioned the title in passing, as an honorable mention, but that was a mistake on our part. Dual Strike is another update for the fantastic Advance Wars series, and it feels like a perfect fit with the DS controls.
  • WarioWare: Touched! (average score: 81%) It seems the 3 most unique games (Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, WarioWare) all averaged the same score of 81% -- coincidence, trend, or conspiracy? This version of WarioWare will not win over people who hate the series, but will satisfy those with a craving for the bizarre and frantic.
Other titles were mentioned, but the above games seem to have the most vocal fans on the website. We hope between these 4 games (and the 7 we already lauded), you can amass an enjoyable library for the little touch-screen portable.

[update 1: clarified the relation between Osu! and Elite Beat Agents; also, sorry to confuse about the WarioWare price -- I mixed up Twisted and Touched]

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