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Vodafone Germany takes the guesswork out of Orb setup

Chris Ziegler

If you've been curious about Orb but you're sweating the installation process or you're worried that your carrier might frown upon your indulgent use of data, life just got a little easier -- if you're on Vodafone Germany's UMTS network, that is. Their new "Vodafone-Mein PC" service, which is in public trial through September, includes a PC installer that reportedly does just about everything for you -- just add content and you're ready to roll. The service communicates with Vodafone's Live! portal, which you then access via your compatible, UMTS-capable handset. If the service flops, Vodafone is reserving the right to drop it following the trial period, but if it takes off, they're reserving the right to charge a few euros, too. If Vodafone's bandwidth wasn't already saturated with streaming Knight Rider and Baywatch reruns, this might just do the trick.

[Via the::unwired]

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