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DataViz brings Direct Push to Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Chris Ziegler

Are you HP hw6500 owners out there feeling like the brave new world of MSFP is passing you by? Do you keep looking down at your device, hoping for pushed email that just never comes? DataViz has you covered, updating its RoadSync Exchange client to support Direct Push, GAL lookup, and all the other goodies that MSFP users have been enjoying for a few months now. Initially, it sounds like DataViz will only be supporting for the Samsung i700 series (a little bit late for that, guys) and the HP hw6500, but we see no reason it shouldn't work on other WM2003 SE Pocket PCs as well -- so if you're holding out for that Hermes, this might make your wait a little more bearable.

[Via Geekzone]

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