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Did Samsung rework the I320?

Chris Ziegler

Wondering what's the holdup on getting Samsung's Q-killing I320 into your QWERTY-loving hands? We like conspiracy theories just as much as the next guy, and Sammy is doing their best to feed our rumor mill today with these seemingly incongruent pictures of two SGH-I320s side by side. Yes, we're as concerned as you that the model's hands appear to be attached backwards, but stay on task, folks: the device on the left appears to be lacking highlighted numeric keys and a slightly different D-pad. The device on the right, by contrast, looks essentially like the one we've shown you before. Go ahead and tweak that thing until you're blue in the face, Samsung -- we're just happy to know you haven't scrapped it. Hopefully you'll come to the party in time to do battle with the Q and Excalibur, eh?

[Via the::unwired]

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