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i-mate Smartflip (Star Trek) now available

Chris Ziegler

We always like to put a big, shiny asterisk when we say "now available" in reference to an unsubsidized Windows Mobile device since actually tracking one down could be an exercise in futility for the next few weeks, but for what it's worth, i-mate has announced the release of its rendition of HTC's svelte WM5 clamshell. Cleverly called the Smartflip, availability is said to be for the Middle East only at the moment, but we all know they'll find their way across the globe post haste. With dual displays, RAZR-esque keypad, 64MB of RAM and ROM, and quad-band EDGE, the Smartflip is about as hot a WM5 Smartphone as you can get your paws on for now -- at least until the Breeze drops. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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