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Optoma's BigVizion: 100-inch in-wall HDTV

Matt Burns

So you have some cash to drop and want a BIG flat screen to hang on the wall but the 70-inch plasmas are just to much; plus, they aren't big enough. You want BIG so you turn to front projection and again you just aren't happy. Sure the price is nice but the picture quality with a lot of light in the room just isn't good enough for your family room. What is a high-roller to do?

Optoma has solution for those with deep pockets. They showed off this pre-production model last September at CEDIA and are now shipping their in-wall 100-inch screen. The BigVizion is a 1080p color-wheel powered DLP. The system has every type of input a high-end TV should have including three HDMI ports, two component inputs, two YPbPr/RGBHV inputs and of course RS-232. The whole system is based 30-inches in the wall and weighs an astounding 750 pounds. While it is still less expensive then the largest plasma or LCD, it isn't cheap at $20,000.

[via BornRich]

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