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Sharp's 8 new HD-ready Aquos LCD TVs


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The only thing better than TV is eight TVs. Eight luscious, mind-numbing AQUOS TVs from Sharp so you'll never have to rage against the dying light again. Each of these "HD-ready" sets feature Sharp's Avanced Super (duper) View Black TFT LCD panel, a 1200:1 contrast ratio, 1366 x 768 resolution, 176-degree viewing angle, and 6-millisecond response. The Eco-Labelled LC-32GA9E and LC-37GA9E (32 and 37-inch widescreen analog models) and the LC-32GD9E and LC-37GD9E (32-inch and 37-inch widescreen digital models) are designed with picture enhancements promising smoother playback from HDTV sources. The LC-32GD8E and LC-37GD8E are widescreen 32 and 37-inch models with integrated DVB-T tuners for a taste of the Freeview, while the LC-32GA8E and LC-37GA8E come packin' analog tuners. Each of the eight features HDMI (HDCP), a couple of big fat SCARTS, AV/S-Video In, Audio out, PC, and headphone connections with the GA9/GD9 series pulling down two HDMIs. No prices available yet, but these will hit for retail in the UK at the end of June.

[Via Tech Digest]

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