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Zalman's HD 160XT HTPC enclosure with 7-inch LCD

Evan Blass

If you were into that Okoro OMS-LX100 HTPC we brought you the other day, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a machine just to get a snazzy embedded touchscreen, Zalman's got a new enclosure that will let you build your own system for considerably less dough. Sure to be the envy of all your home theater-fanatic buddies, the HD 160XT sports a 7-inch touchscreen for menu control, media information, and even video previewing, along with four open HDD bays, two optical drive slots, a pair of supposedly silent exhaust fans, and of course, the obligatory remote. Available in black or silver, we sure wouldn't mind building a system around this case and displaying it proudly in our gear rack, but unfortunately we have no idea when or where these will be available.

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