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HDTV = heroin?


Addicted to high-def? No chance of that happening. You're just reading this blog on a Sunday morning because you choose to. We would never compare the feverish need for increased resolution that keeps you tuned to Discovery-HD watching a documentary you would have fallen asleep on in grade school to the effects of controlled substances. This Columbia Tribune sports editor however seems particularly weak-willed and unable to control his impulses, watching sports continuously on his new HDTV. A lost soul.

I think this is more propaganda meant to confuse the masses about high definition, and cause fear about its effects. You can stop watching HD anytime you want, and everyone knows that real life has better pixel density than even 1080p and very few compression artifacts, it's no contest. Even this fall when football will be on practically every day and we can anticipate all the new network shows will be high definition, there will be uh...plenty of reasons to go outside.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to unplug my phone so no one interrupts me about skipping Father's Day brunch to catch Brazil vs. Australia World Cup action in 720p.

[Happy Father's Day Dad!]

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