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From steak to DVD: Kojima talks next-gen

Ross Miller

You may recall a while back Hideo Kojima (the Metal Gear Solid franchise) compared the next-generation consoles to steak dinners. Kojima has once again spoken, this time using more tech-oriented metaphors. Let's see how his opinion has changed:

PlayStation 3

  • Then: "If the game creators and the users want to have a great steak for their anniversary, they go maybe to PS3."
  • Now: "The PlayStation 3 is like a movie theater for people who want to see this movie on the big screen with THX and 5.1 audio, even if they have to pay a high price."

Xbox 360

  • Then: "If they want great dinner, great steak with their family, a little bit more casual during the weekends, they might select Xbox 360."
  • Now: "The Xbox 360 is DVD. Basically, you don't know what movie you want to see, so you go to the store and see if you can pick up a good one."
Nintendo Wii
  • Then: "Why not have a great steak at your house everyday, they might choose Revolution."
  • Now: "The Wii is like a TV for when you're home and you don't know what you want to watch but you [want to] have that variety"
Uh ... what?

[via EuroGamer]

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