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Gaming consoles' hidden costs

Save set out to determine the energy costs of popular gaming consoles of today and yesteryear. Not surprisingly, DX Gaming found that Xbox 360 is making the largest contribution to your energy bill, costing as much as $20.10 per year to power -- compare that to the 92 cents (today's rate) needed to fuel the original PlayStation.

Interestingly enough, Xbox 360 is also the most energy efficient console, squeezing higher performance out of each watt: 61.21Mhz / 1 Watt. The GameCube ranked second at: 30.81Mhz / 1 Watt. Also worth noting, for you penny pinchers, if you unplug your consoles in-between uses, you'll likely save a couple bucks worth of 'leaked' energy annually -- that goes for cell phone chargers and other electricity-dependant devices too. But please, don't unplug the 'fridge before going to bed.

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