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Psychonauts will be playable on Xbox 360 [update 1]

Ross Miller

It looks like Tim Schafer's e-mail campaigned paid off, with many Psychonauts fans (who suffered from a variety of life-threatening illnesses) are getting their wish to have the title backwards compatible on their Xbox 360. 1UP is reporting forum chatter that the BC Ninjas working at Microsoft took the call and are now working on the title. Indeed, at least a few Joystiq readers received similar assurances.

Whether these e-mails are earnest or just a means to assuage the longing, we will find out soon enough. They can not just wait for all of those people with fake life-threatening illnesses to just fake-die and ignore it.

[via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

[Update 1, 6/22/06: Not so fast, Psychonauts is still not guaranteed to be backwards compatible, says Emulation Ninja Alan Stuart. Technical limitations ... you know the song.]

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