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Why Blu-ray will succeed where UMD failed

Matt Burns

Blu-ray. Less then a week to go and people are still thinking about the last major format from Sony to fail: Betamax. Oh wait, was it UMD. You remember these discs right? They are movie discs that play directly in the Sony PSP. The only issue with them is that they do not play in anything else, they cost nearly as much as a full DVD and they don't have anything extra on them. There have been reports of Walmart ditching the format altogether we all know that when Walmart can't see it, really no one else can ether.

iP3K blog has a right up on why Blu-ray will not fail like UMD did. It is an interesting read for a lazy Monday, but he doesn't address the whole Betamax thing, just UMD. We don't think that many of you picture Blu-ray falling by the wayside like UMD did, but still, you might want to check out the post.

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