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Spansion announces plans for increased handset security


With cellphones becoming more and more computer-like, that invariably means that they're also susceptible to some decidedly computer-like problems; we're talking viruses, DoS attacks, and other headaches. Though far from the first to address the problem, Spansion is promising a new level of security for handsets by implementing security measures directly within the Flash memory subsystem. In addition to warding off threats, Spansion says their system will also enable data recovery, as well as allow for secure mobile financial transactions and access control for things like using a cellphone to open a car door or start a car. A Software Development Kit (SDK) should be available before the end of the year, with the actual security controller available in something called the Spansion Multi Chip Package (MCP) sometime in the first half of 2007. No word yet on any handset manufactures that have signed on to offer the system, however.

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