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Dekra D-Drive bike trades the chain for direct-drive

Evan Blass

Anyone who's ever gotten clothing caught in their bicycle gears and been sent tumbling to the ground with a shredded pant leg will surely appreciate a new bike that ditches the derailleur in favor of a safer, cleaner, lower-maintenance direct-drive system. Just introduced Stateside by importer Dynacraft, the Dekra D-Drive bike uses a drive shaft to transfer power from your pedal-pumping legs to the back wheel, and includes a fully enclosed bevel gear system from Shimano to ease your load on those uphill climbs. Of course, with only three gears (changeable through a twist of the handlebar), this model will never be seen cruising victoriously down the cobbled surface of the Champs-Elysées at the end of a Tour de France, but at $300 it seems like a reasonably-priced way to roll around town hassle-free.

[Via Gizmag]

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