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Global LFG Channel Causes Mass Chaos

Mike D'Anna

We expect there to be some bugs & annoyances on patch day, but one little surprise that we didn't count on was the revelation that the Looking For Group channel is now global, meaning whatever you type on it can be seen by anyone, anywhere on the server.

While the reasoning behind this is clear (to make it easier for players to form groups without having to be in the same area), the actual implementation of it has wrecked havoc on  both the servers I play on. As soon as the servers came back online yesterday & players realized the channel was global, the spam began in earnest, and has not slowed down one bit a day later. Completely off-topic conversations from LFG have taken over the entire text window, making reading any other chat a chore. Being on a RP server only makes it that much more's like everywhere is the Barrens now.

Hopefully, Blizzard will correct this well-intentioned yet tragically-flawed mistake soon, before I'm forced to stay off the channel forever. Have you had this problem on your realm? Report in....

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