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Metareview - Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel


It's not a game. You know that, right? Good.

For Metal Gear fanatics, Digital Graphic Novel is a must, containing countless (unlockable) tidbits of data that are used to piece together the Shadow Moses Incident. But if 'Shadow Moses' doesn't ring a bell, then you're better off waiting for Portable Ops to get your Metal Gear fix on PSP -- unless you're a sucker for graphic novels.

  • DailyGame (85/100) - "Whoever thought of creating the Digital Graphic Novel needs a raise."
  • GamePro (80/100) - "MGS: Digital Graphic Novel will probably confuse the heck out of you."
  • GamerFeed (70/100) - "Seeing as how it's $20, MGS:DGN is one of those 'what the hell' purchases."

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