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VOOM's GM on the current state of HDTV and the role of gaming

Matt Burns

Who had the most high-def programming two years ago? DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast - nope, none of 'em. Voom blew everyone else out of the water when they came out with 21 high-def stations. They have been on the forefront of the high-def revolution since then and their General Manager, Greg Moyer, has a nice outlook on the future of the format. He is saying that yes, high-def is here to stay. It is simply an expensive transition for everyone involved - you, the consumer, and them as the broadcasters. Give it time and there will be a point when the flood gates open and the progamming will be there.

It is definitely an interesting read about high-def in general and also, the role gaming is playing in it. Check it out for some good insight from from an industry leader.

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