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All's well that ends well for stolen Sidekick

Ryan Block, @ryan

Not long ago we reported that Evan Guttman's pal had lost her Sidekick, which somehow mysteriously wound up in the hands of a girl in Corona, Queens, who used the stolen device only to find her self-portraits showing up all over the internets. Well, all's well that ends well for Ivanna, the woman to whom the Sidekick originally belonged. After braving threats from the Sidekick swiper's brother, an MP, and basically outing the family to the general public for not simply returning the phone (which resulted in limited harassment, and Engadget editors TPing their home), Evan and Ivanna turned the identified parties into the police, resulting in the arrest of Sasha Gomez, the young lady pictured right, on charges of possession of stolen property in the fifth degree. Now, we're not sure anyone should really have been arrested for grabbing an ownerless Sidekick out of a taxi and keeping it for your own -- we think some community service might do the trick -- but let it be known to all you would-be criminals out there: stealing phones isn't just bad, it's bad for you.

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