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Broadcast Flag sneaks into telecom bill


Those MPAA types are sure a bunch of kidders. After having their Broadcast Flag thoroughly trounced in court, and die many deaths in Congress, they've managed to hide it in a 151 page telecommunications bill. They've even gone with a particularly egregious version, since they were hoping nobody would notice. Not only is it paired with the Audio Flag, but it makes no real exceptions for fair use, and while we're sure The Little Engine That Could would be proud of the perseverance on display here, we have to say these attempts are getting a bit old. The good news is that grassroots efforts are already underway to help you contact your Senator and give him or her a good talking to, Senator Sununu will be offering an amendment to strike the Flag portions from the bill, and the kind folks at Public Knowledge have thrown together a nice list of talking points to fuel consumer side of the debate. We're sure this isn't the last effort we'll see of the Broadcast Flag, but the attempts are sure seeming a bit more desperate.

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