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GRAW downloadable content up for 1200 MS bux

The much-anticipated downloadable content for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is finally here. Dubbed Chapter 2, this 724Mb download promises new weapons, new game types, and new missions, all for the low, low price of 1200 Microsoft points ...

... wait, 1200 Microsoft points? That's $15 in the US! That means a fully-loaded Xbox 360 version of GRAW is going to run you $75. Granted, that $75 nets you one of the best looking next-gen games along with an absolute crapload of downloadable content. Check out Team Xbox's hands-on to see what your $15 nets you or read this concise list and start making assumptions over whether or not it's worth it:

  • Continuation of the multiplayer Co-op campaign with 4 all-new missions in Chapter 2
  • 8 revisited, relit multiplayer Adversarial maps
  • 2 all-new game types with 1 new game mode – Team Battle
  • 2 new camouflage patterns
  • 4 new character customization faces
  • 5 new weapons
[Thanks, Scott and X Budd]

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