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Mitsubishi's 30GB dual-layer HD DVD-R media ready in July


So you're thinking of picking up Toshiba's new RD-A1 HD DVD / HDD recorder when it's released on the 14th of July? Nice, only thing is, if you're planning on burning to those supported 30GB HD DVD discs you'll need some media first. Fortunately, Mitsubishi also announced the first dual-layer HD DVD-R discs this morn' set to drop in Japan at the "end of July" for an estimated ¥4,500 (or about $39); hot on the heels of that ¥2,000 (or about $17) single-layer disc's July 5th drop date. Yeah, that's not quite up the 50GB capacity of dual-layer BD, but hey, you've got a 1TB drive in that beast so quit complaining.

[Via Impress]

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