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More Japanese game commercials: so plausible, I can't believe it


Not content with brutalizing your brain the last time, Bits & Bytes & Pixels & Sprites have deemed it necessary to post another collection of bizarre Japanese video game commercials. This batch makes it very difficult to believe that the people who made them could possibly exist in the same reality as you, implying that all of this comes from an alternate dimension where disembodied heads, bunny-eared women and homoerotically charged controllers are very much de rigueur.

You'll find our favorite clip embedded in the second part of the post, chosen based on its high content of post-apocalyptic wastelands, Bomberman plushies, inhuman voices and Segata Sanshiro's patented man-flinging techniques. Watching it may cause you to explode. Come to think of it, there's an exploding man in there too.

[Thanks Daniel!]

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