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Red Steel improved, reports Game Informer [update 2]


According to the July issue of Game Informer, the latest build of Ubisoft's Red Steel seems to feature markedly improved controls over the much-maligned version that was playable at E3. GI reports:

"Not only did the remote replicate our actual sword-slashes, but the recently unveiled motion sensor in the Nunchuck could be thrust forward for parry attacks ... [It] felt just like the mock-saber duels nearly everyone had as kids."

[Update 1: It turns out the GI impressions are, shockingly, from the E3 build. Were these guys playing the same game we were? 'Cause the Red Steel we tested was broke.]

[Update 2: Ubisoft apparently told "the French press" they would be tweaking the gameplay based on the E3 showing, specifically the much-maligned swordplay.]

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