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Bruce Lee and Dukes of Hazzard coming to HD DVD


Warner Home Video isn't showing off their September HD DVD releases just yet, but they have added two movies for release July 11. HDTV owners have been clamoring for bigger and better titles on high definition DVD formats and while these may not be the special-effect loaded killer titles we would like to see, they aren't bad either. Dukes of Hazzard did pretty well at the box office last year starring the guy from Jackass, Stifler and a pop singer as the Dukes family. Now it comes to HD DVD with Warner's In Movie Experience (IME) feature promising a "trouble-making, car-crashing, barroom-brawling in-movie viewing experience". We were hoping for a silent version of Jessica Simpson's music video, but this will have to do.

The other movie announced is Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, originally released just after his death and possibly his most popular movie in the U.S. Both movies will feature the same extras as their DVD counterparts and carry an SRP of $28.99. Warner is still expected to release on Blu-ray as well, but we haven't received any information on dates or titles.

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