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D(S)-Day: DS Lite storms European retailers

Alright Europe, now's your turn. Both Japan and the US have had their fill -- heck, even Australia and New Zealand got in on it already -- so now I guess we can let you out of the cellar so you can get your clawing, rending meatmittens on the tender, delicate DS Lite.

So you have to wait a little longer, you have to pay a little more (£100 for the Brits, 150 € for the rest of youse), you don't think Uncle Nintendo knows that? He's gone out of his way to whip up a special Black DS Lite just for you guys. This isn't Enamel Navy or Ice Blue ... this is Black. It's awesome and it's all yours.

Until they inevitably release it stateside for $130 in a couple months. Until then, who (except this guy) got one?

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