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I-O Data intros HVR-HD600LE 600GB DVR


We wouldn't have dreamed of saying this a short while ago, but with 800GB DVRs from the likes of Pioneer and 1TB models from Hitachi and Sony, I-O Data's announcement of a 600GB DVR seems only marginally impressive. On the upside, the HVR-HD600LE is fairly affordable, comparatively speaking, at ¥49,800 (about $430 US) or ¥94,800 ($816 US) if you buy a pair -- cause, you know, 600GB will only give you 62 hours of digital HD terrestrial broadcast video recording. The DVR is equipped with FireWire for connecting two units together, and to your TV or HD tuner, but unlike some other high-end DVRs, however, I-O Data's doesn't include a DVD recorder. Obviously we're waiting for a DVR with a Blu-ray or HD DVD burner (or both), but until then we can look for this one to start shipping by the end of the month. In Japan, of course.

[Via AV Watch]

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