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Radio Shack picks LGs and Panasonics HDTVs

Matt Burns

Remember how Radio Shack is going to start selling flat-panel HDTVs? Well, they have chosen LG and Panasonic to provide them and we can't be more happy. This could be the first time we have thought about Radio Shack's product lines without thinking "cheap plastic." These are quality products that they are going to start selling. LG and Panasonic have both made a name for themselves with LCDs and plasmas respectively. Initially they were only going to sell up to 32-inches but now the plan is calling 42's as well. Like HDTV Professor puts it though, those will more then likely be the red sports car in the dealers showroom. They won't sell that many, if any at all, but there just to draw people in. The Shack might actually be able to maintain and support this business with these brands products.

Now if they can price them competitively...

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