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Samsung "Hero" anti-theft phone for India

Chris Ziegler

We've seen some third-party solutions for this, but Samsung has taken phone theft prevention to the next level in India, adding a "Mobile Tracker" feature to its new SCH-S109 Hero low-end candybar. With its 128 x 128 black and white display the phone itself doesn't seem likely to turn any heads, but in the unlikely event it catches the eye of a hard-up bandit, the Hero will silently send out two text messages to numbers programmed in by the phone's rightful owner as soon as the SIM gets swapped. The text messages contain the new SIM's phone number, so even if you can't get the phone back, you can heckle the thief at all hours of the day and night. The Hero is dropping as we speak on India's Tata Teleservices network; if it's a commercial success, we'll hopefully have some happy endings to report from the other side of the world.


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