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Superman Returns HD trailers on Xbox Live Marketplace


Supes is back, and he's on Xbox Live (he cheats at Halo 2, that flying thing is a total glitch). Sure you can download HD trailers on your PC but that might not be hooked up to your TV. Superman Returns, one of the first movies made with HD DVD in mind, hits theaters on the 28th.

Via Major Nelson, the HD content available is:

  • Superman Returns Trailer #2 (480p/720p)
  • Superman Returns Trailer #3 (480p/720p)
  • Superman Returns: Action (480p/720p)
  • Superman Returns: Ride (480p/720p)
  • Superman Returns: Greatest American Hero (480p/720p)
  • Superman Returns: Power (480p/720p
Now a whole new generation of kids can jump off their garage roof w/ homemade capes and costumes learning the very important life lesson: You can't fly. Or maybe that was just us.

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