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Totally 1337 Game Boy loot

Joystiq Staff

For those who are so filthy stinking rich that they just can't give their money away fast enough, Swiss Supply Direct has created the ultimate in wastefulness -- the $25,000 Game Boy. That's right folks, a Game Boy for $25,000. As the company says, this thing is the "ultimate in cool." This is what your $25K will buy you:

  • Pave diamond set on display screen
  • Diamonds set on/off buttons
  • Exceptionally heavy -- Solid 18K yellow gold
  • Original cables and extra game cartridges
  • Original blue leather display briefcase
All in all, this thing weighs 27 ounces and surely it's worth every penny. C'mon, who wouldn't want to sit around and play an outdated gaming system encrusted in diamonds and gold?

[via Born Rich]

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