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Samsung prepping dual-mode WiMax handset for 2007

Chris Ziegler

It looks like Samsung might be gunning to put another "world's first _____" title under their belt, announcing at CommunicAsia last week that a dual-mode WiMax / GSM handset is in the works for a H1 2007 release. The flavor of WiMax in question here is presumably 802.16e which Samsung says will presently haul 10.2Mb down to you each and every second, with a boost to roughly 40Mb/s in Q3 2007. Of course, Korea generally loves them some WiBro, but WiBro holds the promise of 802.16e compatibility so there may be no conflict of interest here. Samsung has said they expect their dual-mode phone to go on sale worldwide, so we can likely (read: hopefully) expect quad-band GSM in the box -- but whether any substantial population outside Korea will have access to an 802.16e network by 1H 2007 is another question entirely.

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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