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Sunday at X360F Poll: Who's got GRAW content? [update 1]


Some of you may have noticed the rather vocal response to the news that new Ghost Recon content costs 1200 points. Most responses went to the tune of "Kiss my ass." Some have bitched and moaned, others gladly opened their wallets, and one person actually burst into flames. So, now that the content has hit, bringing with it the first signs of the apocalypse, the question is: did you get it? We'll take a look at these numbers next week.
Who's got GRAW content?
I got it. It's GRAWsome.
I got it, but it's not worth 1200 points.
15 bucks? No way.
I'd buy it for 800.
I'd buy it for 400.
I'd only get it if it was free.

Basic poll stuff: don't vote if you don't have XBL and a copy of GRAW. And yes, you could spam the poll and throw off the results, but then you'd be a stupid jerk. You're not a stupid jerk, are you?

Update 1: this poll is now closed. Check out the results here.

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