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Another Sony Bravia Bouncing Balls commercial spoof - TANGO

Matt Burns

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and even though we don't know who "they" are, we believe 'em. That Sony Bouncing Balls commercial has been recreated with Battlefield 2 solders and now with fruit for TANGO. (We didn't know what TANGO was ether but apparently it is a popular carbonated fruit drink in the UK.) This one sets it to the same music and setting but has fruit bouncing down the streets causing all type of havoc. We love the watermelon smashing into the car and the orange going throw the window. It still ends with a similar message though. Instead of '' in the Bravia commercial, this one ends with 'Refreshment like no other.' Clever.

[view the orignal Sony Bravia commercial here thanks to youtube]

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