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Datel's Bluetooth headset unhooks your 360

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ok, so it requires a dongle, big deal? We just think it's funny that Datel, the hacky console accessory manufacturer extraordinaire has an Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset long before Microsoft's own wireless headset is due to hit shelves. Assuming, of course, that Datel fulfills their June 30th pre-order launch date; apparently the first release listed for this thing was March 17th, and Datel doesn't even officially acknowledge the product on their site. And on top of all that, then you're gonna have to deal with the £59.99 ($110 US) price, and the fact that it's on Amazon UK, bucko. But we figure if you're willing to pay $110 for a wireless headset, none of this business should be all that daunting for you in the first place, right?

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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