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Adaptix new SX-300 and SX-500 Mobile WiMax base stations

Ryan Block, @ryan

They may be jumping the gun, oh, just a little, but Adaptix is launching two new Mobile WiMax base stations, the SX-500 and SX-300, intended for mobile and vehicular uses, respectively. But doing IEEE 802.16e-2005 compliant OFDMA WiMax isn't just all this thing does; these devices will be imminently updatable and upgradeable as they're equipped with software defined radios. For example, already plans are in place to shoehorn in MIMO capabilities and 802.22 Wireless Regional Area data networks over TV bands into these units; in theory they could even be hacked to be WiFi APs or WiMax Bluetooth DUN modems -- but we'll not get ahead of ourselves here. No, as always we'll patiently wait for Adaptix get these in the hands of the users before we start letting our imaginations run away with us in wireless flights of fancy.

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