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Alchemy produces and ships new HDTV "lip-sync" solution - DDL & DDL4

Matt Burns

Don't you hate it when the audio is just a half-a-sec ahead/behind the movement of the lips. Oh we can't stand that, but Alchemy has a new solution that will hopefully put the end to the notorious Chinese Kung Fu movie syndrome. Simply plug in your digital audio cable to this little magical box and then output it to your receiver via another digital wire. You can then select the amount of delay to make it as precise as you want. Alchemy has made it easy for you to work as well with a built-in IR code learner so when you switch your receiver to another input, this box will switch as well. The two source DDL retails for $399 and while the four source DDL4 only fifty bucks more at $449. Monster Cable is getting into this game too and will be selling the DDL4 under the MonsterISF brand for surprisingly the same price.

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