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Quiz: Do you know your Apple celebs?


Allright, TUAWers, it's your time to shine. You fancy yourself a Mac addict, eh? Then take our quiz.

Many of the big players in the history of Apple can be recognized by their first names only. Below is a list of first names of people connected with Apple Computer that are quite well known, in order of difficulty (easiest at the top). Think you can recall the surname for each one? Leave your guess in the comments, and we'll post the answer tomorrow. Bonus points: What is each person's contribution/connection? Good luck!

Hint: "Steve" and "Bill" are not "Jobs" and "Gates." That would be too easy.

  1. Steve
  2. Guy
  3. Gil
  4. Jonathan
  5. Al
  6. Ellen
  7. Jean-Louis
  8. Bill
  9. Jef
  10. Rupert, aka Robert
Thanks for the idea, Ross!

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