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Analyst analysis: nano to hit 12GB, coming in Q4

Ryan Block, @ryan

We all know the stock demons deciding Apple's current share prices don't much like it when analysts predict product delays, but at least disparate market research and analysts are coming together on a somewhat cohesive picture of the next nano. Last week Gartner predicted a 10 and 12GB nano launch for Q406, nothing unusual so we passed on it -- but today Apple's stock took a tumble when Shaw Wu from American Technology Research announced they believe the new nanos -- which they expect to jump only to 4GB and 8GB -- will be delayed until December, while the (true) video iPod might not see the light of day until 2007. What did Shaw blame the delay on? No, not content deals, NAND memory shortages, or anything else of the like, Wu's blaming it on the transition from certain PortalPlayer chipsets that was reported a couple months back, which to the best of our knowledge wasn't even expected to affect their higher end non-flash offerings.

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