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California launches "mandatory" cellphone recycling program


The Golden State has always been fairly legislation-happy when it comes to keeping things green, and now they're trying to "Keep California Beautiful" with a new program to require cellphone recycling. Californians have been restricted from throwing phones into the trash since February 8, 2006, but as of July 1 all cellphone retailers in California will be required to establish a collection and recycling program. Recycling will be free, but if even that is too much of a hassle, you can visit the KCB website to get a postage paid box for sending your old phone to a happy resting place from the comfort of your own home. KCB will also provide postage-paid collection boxes to businesses for collecting from employees and customers, so the program shouldn't cause much of an inconvenience. Unless, of course, you wanted to mix a bit of arsenic and beryllium into your water supply.

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