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Klegg 42, 50, 55, and 63-inch plasma HDTVs

Matt Burns

Ok, we have heard of the Klegg Mini MP3 player - "world's smallest MP3" that really isn't - but we didn't know the company made other electronics. Whoever they are, we are curious to see their new plasma line. The aluminum framed 42, 50, 55 and 63-inch sets sound kind of nice. Somehow Klegg has developed a TFT panel overlay of liquid crystal to "enhance transparency, contrast and picture definition." We really don't understand why, or how, a TFT panel ended up in their plasmas but we aren't totally knocking it till we see it - remember this is the same company that has made the "world's smallest" MP3 player. These sets are only available from an authorized dealer and are available now.

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