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Nokia takes on Chinese handset fakers

Ryan Block, @ryan

Looks like Nokia was pretty serious about their commitment to fraudulent phones; by our approximation the counterfeit lawsuits aren't due to end any time in the near future. After confiscating thousands of fakes in Scandiland and taking on Suplimet Corp. and getting a couple dudes sentenced to a few years in jail, Nokia's aimed their sights at the holy grail of gadget ripoff artistry: China. They've launched suits against two knockoff firms based out of Shenzhen: Shenzhen Telsda Mobile Communication Industry Development Co. and Song Xun Da Zhong Ke Electronic Shenzhen, both apparently infringing on the design of their so-so deco 7260. Nokia's only seeking about sixty grand in damages, but really for these guys it's about setting a precedent on Chinese soil, where you can be sure they intend to move more (legit) low-end product than you can shake a Peking duck at. Now, why these two supposed culprits weren't spending their time knocking off a slightly more impressive phone --like, say, their oft imitated 8800 -- is kind of beyond us, but hey, we're sure the Chinese market will dictate which cheapo ripoffs ultimately make for the best sellers.

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