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Verizon and Actiontec bring 100Mbps FiOS to homes


For the chosen few who have access to Verizon's FiOS fiber-optic broadband network, they're about to get quite the speed boost. The already bandwidth-generous service is getting a new 100Mbps option for home users with the help of a new router from Actiontec designed to Verizon's spec. 100Mbps speeds have been available to business customers for a while, but now Verizon is ready to spread the love to mere consumers, at least in select locations for now -- details are slim. The router, cleverly titled the MI-424-WR, includes wireless networking, a firewall and remote diagnostics tools to better assist consumers in administrating their new speedy networks. Verizon is also rolling out a new technology to allow the use of coaxial cable instead of Ethernet, to allow for easier home installations. This will speed and cheapen rollout, which means we'll hopefully see these types of speeds before they stick us in a nursing home.

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