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What 85,000 Dave & Buster's tickets gets you...

Ken Weeks

Some people complain about the high price of next-gen hardware...and some take tokens into their own hands. Reader DCFC Fan snagged an Xbox 360 console from the Dave & Buster's ticket redemption center after racking up an amazing 85,000 tickets by regularly defeating skill games like Slide Master and Throttle Up over the course of several months. His advice for those aspiring to save 85,000 tickets and take home their own "free" console:

"A tight grip over and under the knob, and keep your ball still.  Oh, and  use that strategy on the game Throttle Up."

This is sure to impress anybody who has never redeemed anything better than a bouncy ball. Mind you, I'm not going to ruin the mood by asking how many tokens he spent to achieve this laudably geeky goal. (It turns out he spent a bit more than boring old Best Buy would have charged, but it's not about logic, it's about nerd bragging rights.)

Since DCFC was apparently bunkered at Dave & Buster's for the last 7 months, he's a little behind on what's going on with the 360. Now he needs to know how to get the most out of his new toy. Help him out by answering his questions below. He's a noob, but his fanboy cred is certainly secure.

What should my first 360 title be? 
What should my first arcade title be? 
What are a couple non-FPS Xbox titles to pickup?
What games have the best multiplayer experience?

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